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29 November 2012

What's in my make-up bag!?

Hey everyone!!

Today I decided to post something fun here. I LOVE watching beauty and makeup videos on YouTube, and i have watched sooo many what's in my bag videos, that i thought it would be cute to do it here in BLOG form!! lol :)

So this is my makeup bag, I bought it at Forever21 a little while ago for $2.00 i think. 

So, I'm in LOVE with my EOS lip balms and I can't live without them!! The red one smells super fruity and the green one leaves your lips cool and minty!! One day I let my mom borrow one of the them and she loved it, so i bought her one too!! :)


I dont know why i have TWO mascaras, but..whatever haha. i love the Covergirl Lash Blast collection and the mascara is awesome!! The Colossal one i bought because i saw some really good reviews. In my opinion, its good, but i prefer the Lash Blast.
Lip gloss!!! <3

Love this lip stick from Rimmel London. It's in color Pink Chic
I have to have my powder with me because my face tends to get oily throughout the day. The Kabuki is from Revlon, and the powder is Mac's Skin Finish, i bought it for $27.00

This roll on shimmer from Nyx is awesome!! Whenever I'm feeling kind of lazy to do an elaborate eye makeup, I'll just roll this on!! It wasn't too expensive, i think it was like $3.00.


There you have it everyone!! :)) Hope you all enjoyed the post.
The stuff i have in my makeup bag usually changes from time to time..so maybe I'll do another one of these a little later!! :D

Talk to you soon, and God bless <3

25 November 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

So today I just wanted to stop by and tell you all how AMAZING Breaking Dawn part 2 was!!

OMG...honestly...in my opinion, the best Twilight movie! The film itself was just beautiful, from the beginning slides and credits, to the cast, (bella looked stunning in this movie). The storyline was great, I wasn't bored for one second!! And the end of the movie!?!?? OMG!!!!! I don't want to give out any spoilers for people who haven't watched it, but seriously, if you haven't yet, go for it!! Personally, I'm not the biggest Twilight fan, although I've watched all the movies, I've never read any of the books! I'm soo sad it's all over!! no more Edward and Bella, and Jacob!! :( omg the movie was just great haha..GO WATCH IT! :D

Also, i just want to tell you guys the starting end of December/January I will be posting more often. My camera that I used to have broke, and I'm getting one for Christmas, so Follow me for looks, hauls, reviews, and much more!! :)

God Bless <3

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