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30 September 2013

Top 5 Manis for this Fall

Hey everyone!! :))

So once again I'm here with a Fall/Autumn post!

This time, I'm bringing you my favorite nail manicures for the season. :)

When I think of Autumn, I think of warm and deep colors such as reds, greys, blacks, and you can't ever go wrong with nudes.

Which one is your favorite??

Follow me on Pinterest for more nails inspirations for this Fall! :)

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27 September 2013

Gisele For H&M!

Hey everyone!!

So the other day I was at home, watching something on T.V, and when it went to commercials, I finally got to see H&M's new commercial with Gisele Bundchen singing AND modeling the new Fall campaign for H&M!!

The collection has great Autumn pieces that actually include some Fall must haves I mentioned on my last post such as emerald green and leather! 

*Picture credits: H&M*

Being that this is Gisele's first song, she was asked in an interview what made her want to do this campaign. She simply responded: "I thought it would be a fun experience. It’s not everyday someone invites you to record a song – I couldn’t pass that up! "

You can actually download the song on Itunes! She did a great job singing it!!

Click here if you haven't seen the video yet. :)

What do you think of the collection?? 

Hope you enjoyed! <3

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25 September 2013

Three Fashion Trends for Fall 2013

Hey everyone! :)

So Fall/Autumn is here!! I'm actually surprisingly excited because that only means comfy sweaters, boots, hot chocolate etc..

As this is mostly a fashion/beauty blog, I am here to tell you 3 important trends for this Fall that you can't miss out.


Leather is still big this Fall, so don't be afraid to play around with it. Also, take a risk and go for colored leather, it will make a huge difference in your Fall outfit.

2.Emerald Green
This is the go-to color for this fall. If it's too out there for you, try wearing it with accent pieces such as jewlery, scarves, bags, shoes, etc.


Hats are a great way to either make the look casual, or glamorous! With so many choices out there such as Fedoras, baseball caps, and floppy knits, you will be set for this Fall.

There are so many other Fall trends out there for you to play around with this Autumn. 

What are some of your favorites that for sure you will be trying out??


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22 September 2013

Weekend at the Beach

Hey everyone!!

So I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did! 

I spent my weekend at the beach in a really nice Hampton Inn. Being that summer is practically over, and it's Autumn already, I wanted to enjoy every last bit of it.

I live in Florida, so it doesn't snow, but when winter comes around, it does get cold (at least in my opinion it gets cold haha) so during summer time, all I want to do is be at the beach!!

These were the only makeup products I used this weekend. 
Revlon BB cream: Review
M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer: Review
Covergirl LashBlast Mascara
Nyx nude lipgloss and Maybelline's Baby Lips
Elf blush in Pink Passion
Revlon Nearly Naked Powder

We stayed in Daytona Beach Florida, which is about an hour away from where I live. Like I said we stayed at a brand new Hampton Inn right in front of the beach, if you are interested in looking at the hotel pictures and prices click on the Hampton link.

I am soo exhausted and it seems like I have been working on this post the whole day because I'd start and then take a break because I couldn't keep my eyes opened! haha 

The mini getaway was definitely worth it though, I spent it with my family and we had lots of fun! :)


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20 September 2013

Friday Inspirations

Hey everyone!!

So finally it's Friday and I though I'd show you guys some fashion/home/food/Autumn inspiring pictures to get you going for the weekend, and maybe even the new week that is going to start! :)

These are some recent pics I pined on Pinterest:

Hope you liked it and felt inspired!! haha :D

Cheers to the weekend!! :)


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18 September 2013

Brown Smokey Eyes

Hey everyone!! :)

So I LOVE makeup, and I love taking my time when I'm doing my makeup..but lately, I've just been wanting something simple and super fast! Smokey eyes for me are my life savers when I want something quick, and brown has been my FAVORITE color in my makeup pallets. 

I think brown looks good with any skin tone, and it works for both day and night, while black, although very sexy, pushes more to a night look.

The makeup that you see above on myself, is nothing but brown. I made sure I blended everything so that it didn't look so harsh hence the smokiness effect.

Just make sure to remember that the key to any smokey effect, or any eye makeup for that matter is BLENDING, and MASCARA! :D

Hope you all have a wonderful day! <3


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16 September 2013

Lemon Detox

Hey everyone!! :)

Today I have a really healthy and refreshing post for you! I've been reading so much all over the place about people who are drinking water with lemon, to detox, and hydrate their bodies that I decided to make myself some! :))

Lemons have Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and vitamins A and E.

So onto the super simple recipe!! 

You will need: Lemons(obviously), and Water! that's it! In my case I did add oranges as well. 

Reading Lauren Conrad's blog, she recommended drinking at least 3 cups a day, but I think I'll be sticking to just one everyone morning. Like I said, this water hydrates and cleanses your body. You feel refreshed the whole day. And of course, it doesn't only clean the inside of your body, after drinking this for a while, you will notice your skin glowing, and your weight disappearing!! 

Not to mention it looks so cute inside your fridge!!

Hope you all liked the post! :)

Tell me you try this out! 


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14 September 2013

Favorite Apps

Hey everyone!! :))

So today I thought I'd do something a little different, and show you guys what's in my phone! :D

Everyone now a days has a smart phone, and with that comes a lot of different apps and widgets that you can play with, and that can make your life A LOT easier! :)

Ok, so I love me some Pandora, especially when I'm at home cleaning the house..it's awesome! 

And Whatsapp I found it to be faster then just actually texting sometimes when you're trying to send someone a picture or a video. My sister and I are always sending each other pics through there because it works super fast even when you have no signal.

I'm the type of person that I don't like to keep something on my phone that I'm not using. So If I install a game, or something like that..it might just stay there for a little while..and then I'll will remove it. 

But the ones above... NEVER. lol I HAVE to have Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter. Youtube is also a must for me, because when I'm bored, I just watch videos(ask anyone that knows me..lol) Pinterest is something I just recently joined, and I'm in love with it. I get so inspired by just looking at so many pictures, from fashion, to makeup, to home decor...it's awesome!! :) Finally, Pose is kind of like Pinterest, but more focused on fashion and looks to get inspired from while Pinterest has a lot of different catogories for you to choose from.

So these are my favorite photo apps at the moment. I'm sure there is A LOT of photo college apps out there, but Photo Grid is the one I use. BeFunky is awesome and you can actually use it on your computer as well. to edit your pictures. My FAVORITE one at the moment though is Aviary. It has the coolest filters, and editing essentials. I'd say half of my instagram pics don't have ANY instagram filters, they are all from Aviary, haha.

I decided to show this last one, because if you're a girl, and your like me, (crazy about keeping up with your period..) you'll like this. I don't know why I do it, but every month I have to keep track of when my period started and when it finished, and what I felt and yeaa.. haha. AND as if it doesn't get any more awkward, now you all know I will menstruate in 3 days! haha :D 

As for the one above..one word: ADDICTED.

So I hope you all enjoyed! These are just SOME of the ones I use most often. 

If you know of a really cool app, please recommend it to me in the comments!!


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