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30 January 2013

Review- Garnier BB Cream

Hi everyone!!

Today I have another review for you on a product I absolutely fell in love with!

So it seems like everyone has been using BB creams now a days. I have watched so many reviews on Youtube on so many different creams. Out of sooo many different ones to try, I decided on the Garnier BB cream. 

So, if you still didn't know, BB creams stand for "Beauty Balm" Or "Blemish Balm". It acts as a sun screen, primer, moisturizer and foundation all at once. :D

This is the first BB cream I've ever tried, and so far I have been LOVING it!! The Garnier BB Cream only comes is two shades, which can be a bit of a downside. There is Light/Medium (what I use) and Medium/Dark.

I gotta confess I was a bit scared to try it out because in so many reviews I watched on Youtube, the girls said that it can leave your skin super oily. I decided to try it out anyways, and I'm so glad I did. It does leave you looking a bit oily, but if you use a good powder to set it all in, you'll be fine.

Have you girls ever tried this one out? 

If you have any other BB cream that you think is really good, tell me in the comments below. I'd love to know, and maybe try it out once I'm done with this one. :)

Wish you all a wonder night! :)

God Bless <3

28 January 2013

Mini Ulta Haul

Happy Monday everyone! :))

Hope you all had or are having a wonderful Monday. I'm a bit tired from work, and really sore from working out. haha

I went to Ulta the other day, and I bought a couple things I'd love to share and recommend to you all. :)

Herd so many good things about these Real Techniques brushes that I had to give them a try! Must say, they are awesome..and I plan to go get the rest! :)

I was wanting a nude lip gloss, so when I saw Sugar Pie by Nyx, I had to get it! 

I LOVE EOS lip balms!!

So i bought this to actually try it out. I noticed that throughout the day i would get kind of oily around my T-Zone, and blotting paper is a great way to remove that excess oil, and this particular one is perfect if you are prone to acne! (like me)

For more on all these products click Ulta

Have you tried any of these out? and what do you think about it?? Tell me in the comments!

Talk to you all soon! :)

God bless<33

26 January 2013

OOTD- Stripes

Hi everyone! :D

It's Outfit of the day time!! :))

There was two other colors for this shirt, but of course, i had to get the pink one! :)

Shirt/TJ Maxx

Hope you all enjoyed!!

Have a wonderful day! :)

God Bless<333

23 January 2013

Review- Cetaphil Moisturizer

Hello!! :D

How did everyone's day go? Mine was great! I just came back from a Loreal event, and it was awesome!! I will do a post about the goodies I got! :)

Today, I want to post about my absolutely favorite moisturizer, which by the tittle you can see that it is the Cetaphil Moisturizer. 

Love it that it has SPF15!!

It has no scent, and it goes on really smoothly on the skin.

This keeps my face moisturized the whole day!! It's amazing!! You can buy this at any drugstore, and it costs about $12.00. 

The great thing about it is that it's for all skin types. So if you have super oily skin, this will not make it more oily or vise-versa. I also strongly believe that this helped my acne as well. It did NOT clear my face, I repeat, DID NOT clear my face, but it did help! :)

So if you're looking for a good moisturizer, and don't know where to begin, I hope this helped and you should definitely try it out! :)

Good night everyone,

God bless <33

21 January 2013

OOTD- Chilly Day in Florida

Hey everyone!! ;)

So, out of nowhere, it got cold here in Florida. It is winter, but come on..its Florida!! haha I don't really like the cold. I prefer summer and the beach and pool! But what are you gonna do right? If God says "Florida, be cold today," It's going to be cold, because He's the creator of this world, and not ONE leaf falls out of the tree without His consent! :)

Black Jeggigs/TJ Max
Shirt/ Love Couture
Spike Necklace/Forever 21

Is it cold where you live?? Or is it like Florida, cold one day and really hot the next? haha

Talk to you soon,

God Bless<33

18 January 2013

Home Decor- Details

Hi Everyone! :))

So, today I thought I'd do a different post from ootd and reviews. 

I recently got married, (well it's almost going to be a year now) but i have been having sooo much fun decorating my little place with my husband! Like i said, it's almost been a year that we are married and the place is still not finished. I don't think I'll ever want it to be finished because it's so much fun and therapeutic to me! haha

Today I just want to show you small details that can make your house or apartment look cute! :) 

My walls are black and grey, so these flowers really give life to my apartment. :)

Details for the kitchen :)

We just recently bought this, and it made the dinning room look so different..it surprised me!! lol :)

These books are actually little boxes, so i can store stuff in there as well! :)

Mirrors & White Candles/ Ikea
Blue Candle/ Bath & Body Works
Books & Letters/ Hobby Lobby
Hanging Lamp/ Home Depot
Vino/ Home Goods

I will definitely be doing more of these Home Decor posts, because like i mentioned already, I have so much fun decorating my place, I never want it to end!! haha :D

Talk to you soon,

God Bless<3

15 January 2013

Forever21 Rings- Favorites

Hello everyone!!! :)

I LOVE rings, i think it's my favorite accessory to wear!! So, today I wanted to show you some of my most worn Forever 21 rings!! :)

I love wearing this one with a more dressy look. ( I wish this one was real!! haha)

I LOVE Forever 21 and their accessories are so affordable..and CUTE!!

Hope you enjoyed!! :D

God Bless<3

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