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29 November 2017


It's actually been quite a while since i posted anything. In fact, the last post I was still pregnant. My son is about to turn 2 in January!! TIME FLIES!

Anyway, I thought It would be nice to come back and while I'm at it, share a funny incident that happened yesterday.

It was a day like any other, my son and I woke up early, had breakfast, watched some cartoons, etc. At around 9:30 AM he started playing with some of his toys, and he was running back and forth around the house, while I was distracted with something that honestly I cant remember what it was. All of a sudden I hear a door close, and I run to go open it and tell him to leave it open. When I get to the door and try to open it.... it was locked. I immediately had a little inner freak out, but I remained calm because I didn't want to show him that Momma was a little scared. My mom has always told me the story that when I myself was little, I also accidentally locked myself in a room, and she would always tell me how she freaked out, but kept her composure and helped me unlock it. The funniest part was that my son was not alone in the room, my dog was also in there trapped with him, and strangely enough, that brought some comfort to my heart knowing that his fur sister was in there with him.

I grabbed a bobby pin, and calmly tried to unlock the door with it, but it wasn't working. When I noticed that my son was fine, and playing in there, I went on trusty YouTube, and searched "How to unlock a door". Sure enough, YouTube never fails, you can learn just about anything on there. The video told me to grab a small screw driver, small enough that it would fit the hole in the knob. I went to my husbands tool box and found one. It did run through my mind to call my husband and let him know the situation, but the moment I had that thought, I also knew that there was nothing he could've done. He was at work. I got the screwdriver and told myself I could do this on my own.

I went and practiced on the bathroom door first, because its the same type of knob and lock that is on his room. I got the bathroom door open in 3 seconds. His room was a little tougher though. Meanwhile, keep in mind that my son was worry free playing in his room, not really caring that he was locked in there. While I was trying to open it with the screwdriver, I would also ask him to open it for me. He didn't know how to though. After about 10 minutes of trying and almost quitting and calling my husband, I did it! I felt proud of myself because through it all i remained calm, and did it all by myself. I pulled my son by the door and the lock, and I taught him how to lock it and unlock it, so that just in case it happens again, hopefully he'll know what to do. This incident reminded me that that's what it's been like being a momma for almost 2 years. I had to learn to have a lot of patience, and remain calm.

I'm planning on posting here more often, but it's gonna have more of a motherhood/toddler/lifestyle feel to it rather than fashion/beauty. So if you're a momma like me, or not, but just like the topic of motherhood, follow me here. I also post a lot on Instagram so follow me there too! :)

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