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29 April 2011

Movies you should watch if you haven't yet!! S2

Hello lovelies!!!

Soo who's glad it's Friday!?? I AM!! lol well not really...Friday is pretty much the same for me as any other day!! :/ lol 

Sooo...today I want to go away from fashion for just a lil second..and talk about some movies I watched that I definitely recommend!!

Black Swan 

So I FINALLY watched this movie..lol and I thought it was pretty good!! I wouldn't recommend you watch this with like your mom and dad..lol because there are some scenes that you'd be totally uncomfortable watching with them...I would be at least!! lol But all in all..It's about a troubled ballerina who strives to be perfect, and she has to fight with herself throughout the movie to reach perfection. 


Omg this movie is sooo cute and soo funny!!! I absolutely LOVE animated movies..and this one just went in one of my top favs!!! There is a great lesson to be learned by watching this movie..witch is..you can't judge a book by it's cover..and that people CAN change!! It's basically about an allien who thinks his destiny in life is to be an evil villain..but then he falls in love..and things change!! <3 Sooo cute..If you haven't watched it..you should!! :)

Due Date

Ok so I can describe this movie with on word.. HILARIOUS!! I loved this movie because of the great  funny story about two guys who are complete strangers and have to ride together to their destination because of the fact that they are not allowed to fly anymore after some complications that happens. Like I said..it's really funny..but there are some sad parts that really makes you think about your life and your family and who your true best friend is. If you haven't watched it..WATCH IT!! lol


"[By] terrible things in righteousness wilt thou answer us, O God of our salvation; [who art] the confidence of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are afar off [upon] the sea:" (Psalms 65:5)

"Com coisas tremendas em justiça nos responderás, ó Deus da nossa salvação; tu és a esperança de todas as extremidades da terra, e daqueles que estão longe sobre o mar." (Salmos 65:5)


  1. Olá! Quero ver esse Due Date. Deve ser giríssimo! Hehehe!
    Beijinhos :)

  2. @Margarida

    pode assistir!! eh mtooo engracadooo!!! hahaha


  3. i love to watch funny movies! and romantic ones too = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. @La Mode

    i knw..I love romantic movies too!!!

  5. @Anne

    you should..it's pretty good!! :)

  6. Só nao vi o megamente, mas quero muitoo, vou ver se nao alugo esse final de semana hahah


  7. vi o 1º e adorei!
    o 2º não é muito o meu género, o 3º está em fila de espera :P

  8. Oi amada obrigada pelo teu carinho, obrigada pelas dicas, já anotei, quero rir um pouco ehehhe, bjinho.

  9. Ce acredita que ainda não conseguir assistir Black Swan???? kkkkkk
    Todo link que acho tá quebrado, ou o som tá atrasado...uó, quero muito assistir, tanta gente fala bem e mal tb. bju

  10. Flor eu assisti o due date eu ri algumas vezes mais ficou a desejar.. bastante!!! agora quero assistir os outros!!! beijão..

    flor valeu por passar no meu cantinho tá fica com Deus...

  11. eu assisti due date, eu achei engraçadissimo...e o black swan é meio dark né...mas eu gostei...ótimo sábado beijooo

  12. Deve serr mt divertidoo hemmm ... Ainda não assistii mas agora eu queroooo
    brigada pela visitaa
    Lucy Albieriii


  13. @Margareth

    tbm acheii!!! kkkk

    bjss Otimo sabado pra vc tbm!! :)


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