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30 January 2013

Review- Garnier BB Cream

Hi everyone!!

Today I have another review for you on a product I absolutely fell in love with!

So it seems like everyone has been using BB creams now a days. I have watched so many reviews on Youtube on so many different creams. Out of sooo many different ones to try, I decided on the Garnier BB cream. 

So, if you still didn't know, BB creams stand for "Beauty Balm" Or "Blemish Balm". It acts as a sun screen, primer, moisturizer and foundation all at once. :D

This is the first BB cream I've ever tried, and so far I have been LOVING it!! The Garnier BB Cream only comes is two shades, which can be a bit of a downside. There is Light/Medium (what I use) and Medium/Dark.

I gotta confess I was a bit scared to try it out because in so many reviews I watched on Youtube, the girls said that it can leave your skin super oily. I decided to try it out anyways, and I'm so glad I did. It does leave you looking a bit oily, but if you use a good powder to set it all in, you'll be fine.

Have you girls ever tried this one out? 

If you have any other BB cream that you think is really good, tell me in the comments below. I'd love to know, and maybe try it out once I'm done with this one. :)

Wish you all a wonder night! :)

God Bless <3


  1. tez ostatnio kupilam ten krem tylko tą drugą wersje w dluzszej tubce:)

  2. That bb cream is amazing, it really makes miracles :)


  3. Que legal, adorei o resultado!!


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  5. OMG, thank you so much for posting this...I really love this. I too watch YouTube videos, but its different than looking at a picture as clear as yours. you have convinced me to try. it will be my next purchased...but i have oily skin so hope its okay.



    1. Thank you so much!! So glad you enjoyed it!!

      If you have oily skin..make sure to set it with extra powder. And dont moisturize your face after you wash it...just use the bb cream as the moisturizer!


  6. hey! thank you so much for your nice comment,You have such a lovely blog, so I'm following you now of course :) Hope you to do the same


  7. Great review, seems an interesting product! Didn't tried any BB cream yet, sadly

  8. Oi, tudo bom? eu criei um blog há pouquissimo tempo, então nem tem muita coisa rs .. mas se você puder passar pra dar uma olhadinha eu agradeço! http://espacodajuu.blogspot.com/ rss, beijos

  9. I use that one and I love ! I need more coverage so usually I use the bb cream like a primer !

  10. you should also try the dr jart brand - works well


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