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18 May 2013

My Fashion/Beauty DON'TS

Hey everyone!! :))

So today's post is a little different. Lately I've been seeing A LOT of fashion/beauty crimes out in the streets (some people are aware of it and continue to commit it, but others aren't!)

Here are some of my BIGGEST DON'TS:

1. DON'T wear clothes that are too small for you!
The right size will fit and flatter ANY body type! :)

2. DON'T wear anything that is too big either. Saggy clothes will only hide your natural figure!

3. DON'T over tan!! It's obvious the reason why! lol

4.DON'T wear too much blush. 
Blush can make your face look super healthy and glowy, but overdoing it can look like you got a horrible sunburn! 

5.DON'T pluck your eyebrows if you don't know how to!
It can be pretty complicated understanding how to shape your brows, so if you have a hard time, seek a professional! :)

These are just SOME of the DON'TS I see out there.

This post is not meant to offend anyone, it's just MY personal opinion of what I believe should not be done to ones face or body!

I hope you all have a wonderful night! :))

God Bless <33

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  1. I am in absolute agreement with every single one of these!! Cute blog, follow each other?


  2. Ai, roupa assim não dá. É tão ruim e tão feio! Haha

    Beijos, Maria Luiza
    Batom nos Dentes

  3. Ouch I prefer not to pluck my eyebrows because they are just too painful for me to handle. ಠ_ಠ

    many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from www.justjaslin.com

  4. I couldn't more with this list of don'ts.


  5. I don't pluck my own brows. i just get it done at a beauty parlor, money well spent.:) Please check my giveaway http://www.justyen.com/2013/04/viktor-rolf.html


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