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21 April 2013

First Impressions- Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Hey everyone!!! :)

So today's post is called "First Impressions" because I'm going to tell you about a product I've been using only for maybe three days now. :)

I've herd sooo many good things about the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation AND powder for soo long, and i feel like I'm the last one to try this, but better late then never! ;)

I'm always really bad at matching foundation to my skin, and unfortunately, at drugstores you don't have any help. I gotta say though, I couldn't have chosen a better color for my skin. :D

I was in between this Fresh Beige color, and the Nude, but thankfully I went with this one, although i don't think the Nude would've been THAT much of a difference. When it comes to foundation, I rather go lighter then my skin tone, then darker. If you accidentally buy the wrong color and it's too light, just put powder and contour your face with bronzer and that will help A LOT!

Like i said, I've used this maybe three times, and I LOVE how light the foundation feels on your skin.  I don't put too much on my face, but if you like that flawless look, you can definitely build the coverage.

ONE thing I probably DON'T like is the packaging. I like foundations with pumps, rather than just pouring it out and wasting too much. :/

Have you tried this out?? and Do you like it???

I have a feeling this one will make it into my monthly favorites!! :D

Have a great day and God Bless <333



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  3. obrigada :p
    daqui a nada publico o look completo :)
    quero tanto experimentar essa base :)

  4. I´m wearing de Revol-Colourstay but start thinking that, maybe it´s too "heavy" for the summer. Maybe I try this one next or back to the BB Cream

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