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26 April 2013

New Summer/Spring Candles!!

Hey Everyone!! :)) 

Today I'm just posting really quickly some of my newest Bath&BodyWorks candles for spring/summer.

As you MIGHT know, from this post right "here" I LOVE candles, and I also love buying them to go with each season. 

Because it's spring, and ALMOST summer, I decided to show you these!! :) The top two i bought myself at Bath and Body Works, and they smell sooo good!!! Definitely reminds me of Summer.

The bottom two I got it as a birthday present from a friend!! :))

This one smells sooo good!!!! It's soo soothing and it always puts me in a good mood! :)

This is actually the second Pineapple Mango candle I own, but the other one I have has more of a "perfumy" scent to it. This one is more fruity!! :))

And this is my newest candle holder!! Isn't adorable!?? 

If you love candles like me, and other cute things, visit > Bath&Body Works

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!! I have a casting to go to now!! :))

Kisses and God bless <333

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