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22 November 2013


Hey Everyone!! :)

Today I wanted to do another Pretty & Fit post, telling you guys what I've been doing on my workouts, and what motivates me to go to the gym.

So on my last Pretty & Fit post, I told you guys I'd be working out 3 days a week which is usually a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, because of the fact that those are my days off from work. 

So here is what I did this week:
Monday- Arm Day. Ran/walked for 20 minutes (which is like a mile and a half). Worked out my Biceps, Triceps, and abs.

Tuesday- Leg Day. Ran/walked for 20 minutes (mile and a half). Worked out my legs and abs.

Wednesday- Arm and Shoulders. Ran/walked for 20 minutes (mile and a half). Worked out my biceps and shoulders, and abs.

I can definitely say that I feel this week's workout! haha I'm SUPER sore!!!

So what motivates me to workout??

I follow a lot of workout blogs, and a lot of girls on instagram that are always posting their workout pics! It really works!! 

I particularly like this instagram: @Fabulousfit She's a Brazilian woman who workouts everyday, and her workout looks are adorable as well! She is also always posting what she eats.

And I can't leave this out, because I think that this is what motivates me the most!! haha

Victoria Secret angels are gorgeous, and being that my dream is to be one, this sooo motivates me!! haha

Soo have you girls been working out??

Tell me how it's going and lets motivate each other! :)

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"Shout praises to the Lord! He is good to us, and his love never fails." Psalms 107:1

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  1. You look amazing, hard work definitely paying off - massive inspiration :-) xxx


  2. I just discovered your blog and I love that you say we continue, I'll stay around here


    I also hope my facebook page


    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it and I hope to keep seeing you around here! :)


  3. You look fab :) Your workouts sound fun! Claire and I both try to work out 3+ times a week - you just feel so much better don't you??

    Lauren Stylingo xx

  4. i love to workout too, makes me feel good and calm..



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