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31 August 2015

Nursery Ideas for Baby Boys!

So I'm half way through my pregnancy, I know the gender of my baby (Boy), and now all I want to do is get his room ready! I do so much research in what I want his room to look like, and I find so many cute ideas it becomes overwhelming sometimes! 

I have a vision in my head of what I want his room to look like, and researching did help A LOT! 

Here are some cute ideas I found: 

A "Sports" theme is a really good idea for a little boys room, especially because you can play around with all types of sports, like in the pictures, or just sticking to one. I thought that top nursery picture was adorable. Click here

This is probably one of my favorite themes because you can't ever go wrong with color. I you're not too good at picking them, the just stick with traditional boy:Blue girl:pink, but if you're feeling creative you can go way beyond that and try new colors out. I really like a soft grey on the wall, and then add pop of colors with the decorations.

I love this idea because even with a white plain wall, you can make your baby's room super cute with wall decor. You can be creative with anything such as quotes, pictures, the letter of their name, colors, shapes, etc. All those little details will not only serve as decoration, but it will also stimulate your baby's brain! :)

I'm waiting to move to start putting Liams room together, but I will definitely keep you posted on how it will look like. :)

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