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21 August 2015

Pregnancy Diary- It's a....

I went to my very first ultrasound and got to see baby for the first time on my 14th week. The ultrasound was basically just to check if everything was OK with the baby, and to get some measurements. 

Since I found out about the pregnancy, I've been watching A LOT of YouTube videos, all with baby topic. I told my husband there could be a slight chance that we could see the sex of the baby at 14 weeks, because some of the videos I watched, the girls were able to find out early on as well.

When we got to the clinic, my husband sat in the corner, and I layed there while the doctor checked the baby. It was so cute to actually see the little human that's been living inside of me, and it was so weird how I would see it move, but didn't feel anything, because at 14 weeks, for me, it was too early to feel movement. I then asked the Doc. if she was able to see the gender, and she said "Ohhh yeah!" I think we all saw it right away...

I had a really strong feeling it was a boy too. We left the clinic so happy, and we went straight to Party City to buy some "It's a Boy" balloons to announce it to our families.

Now it's time to start shopping for some baby clothes!! :D

There is a bump picture of baby Liam ____ (we haven't decided on a middle name yet) at 15 weeks! :)

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