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19 August 2015

Pregnancy Diary- First Trimester

Yeah, I'm pregnant!!

Being that I'm already on my second trimester, for this post I'll just write an overview of how my entire first trimester was.

I found out I was pregnant pretty early on. I've always had regular periods, never missed any, and I have always kept track of them on my period app. ;)

I tested with a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant at 2 months, though I already had a really strong feeling I was before that. Like I mentioned, I'm never late on my periods, and I never ever miss them, so when I was ONE day late, i bought a test, and got a positive result. The feeling of seeing those two little lines (positive) on a stick that you peed on is out of this world. I've always seen on movies, or herd through stories of how women found out they were pregnant and what they felt, For me it was the craziest feeling in the world. Deep down I knew that I was, but when I looked at the test, my whole life flashed before my eyes (LOL) and I couldn't help but think: "There is a baby inside of me!!!" I didn't know if I wanted to cry of happiness and nervousness, or faint. I told my husband as soon as I came out of the bathroom, and he too was very happy and overwhelmed. 

Weeks 5-9 were pretty bad. I was nauseous, but not to the point of throwing up thank God! I had no appetite, and everything I ate left a weird taste in my mouth. I was always very tired, and never felt like doing anything. All i wanted to do was lay in bed. Going to work, or school was a HUGE chore, and i just wanted to quit everything, school and work haha. I didn't feel like cleaning the house, I didn't want to study, I didn't even want to put makeup on!  It was the worst.

The closer it got for the first trimester to finish, the better I would feel.

Weeks 10-13 were a lot better. I slowly started to get some appetite, though certain things I ate still left my mouth with a weird taste. And I finally started to look happier and back to my normal self again. From time to time, I'd get a sharp pain on my lower back, but nothing too bad, and it wouldn't last long.

The biggest change in my body on the first trimester was how big my boobs grew! I literally only have 2 or 3 bras that fit me at the moment. 

On my next post I'll talk about how my second trimester is going, and the gender!! :D

Thanks for reading! <3

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