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27 September 2013

Gisele For H&M!

Hey everyone!!

So the other day I was at home, watching something on T.V, and when it went to commercials, I finally got to see H&M's new commercial with Gisele Bundchen singing AND modeling the new Fall campaign for H&M!!

The collection has great Autumn pieces that actually include some Fall must haves I mentioned on my last post such as emerald green and leather! 

*Picture credits: H&M*

Being that this is Gisele's first song, she was asked in an interview what made her want to do this campaign. She simply responded: "I thought it would be a fun experience. It’s not everyday someone invites you to record a song – I couldn’t pass that up! "

You can actually download the song on Itunes! She did a great job singing it!!

Click here if you haven't seen the video yet. :)

What do you think of the collection?? 

Hope you enjoyed! <3

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