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25 September 2013

Three Fashion Trends for Fall 2013

Hey everyone! :)

So Fall/Autumn is here!! I'm actually surprisingly excited because that only means comfy sweaters, boots, hot chocolate etc..

As this is mostly a fashion/beauty blog, I am here to tell you 3 important trends for this Fall that you can't miss out.


Leather is still big this Fall, so don't be afraid to play around with it. Also, take a risk and go for colored leather, it will make a huge difference in your Fall outfit.

2.Emerald Green
This is the go-to color for this fall. If it's too out there for you, try wearing it with accent pieces such as jewlery, scarves, bags, shoes, etc.


Hats are a great way to either make the look casual, or glamorous! With so many choices out there such as Fedoras, baseball caps, and floppy knits, you will be set for this Fall.

There are so many other Fall trends out there for you to play around with this Autumn. 

What are some of your favorites that for sure you will be trying out??


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