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18 September 2013

Brown Smokey Eyes

Hey everyone!! :)

So I LOVE makeup, and I love taking my time when I'm doing my makeup..but lately, I've just been wanting something simple and super fast! Smokey eyes for me are my life savers when I want something quick, and brown has been my FAVORITE color in my makeup pallets. 

I think brown looks good with any skin tone, and it works for both day and night, while black, although very sexy, pushes more to a night look.

The makeup that you see above on myself, is nothing but brown. I made sure I blended everything so that it didn't look so harsh hence the smokiness effect.

Just make sure to remember that the key to any smokey effect, or any eye makeup for that matter is BLENDING, and MASCARA! :D

Hope you all have a wonderful day! <3


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  1. Totally agree, brown smokey eyes look great on everyone for a quick makeup look. Love the photo of you!

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode


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