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14 September 2013

Favorite Apps

Hey everyone!! :))

So today I thought I'd do something a little different, and show you guys what's in my phone! :D

Everyone now a days has a smart phone, and with that comes a lot of different apps and widgets that you can play with, and that can make your life A LOT easier! :)

Ok, so I love me some Pandora, especially when I'm at home cleaning the house..it's awesome! 

And Whatsapp I found it to be faster then just actually texting sometimes when you're trying to send someone a picture or a video. My sister and I are always sending each other pics through there because it works super fast even when you have no signal.

I'm the type of person that I don't like to keep something on my phone that I'm not using. So If I install a game, or something like that..it might just stay there for a little while..and then I'll will remove it. 

But the ones above... NEVER. lol I HAVE to have Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter. Youtube is also a must for me, because when I'm bored, I just watch videos(ask anyone that knows me..lol) Pinterest is something I just recently joined, and I'm in love with it. I get so inspired by just looking at so many pictures, from fashion, to makeup, to home decor...it's awesome!! :) Finally, Pose is kind of like Pinterest, but more focused on fashion and looks to get inspired from while Pinterest has a lot of different catogories for you to choose from.

So these are my favorite photo apps at the moment. I'm sure there is A LOT of photo college apps out there, but Photo Grid is the one I use. BeFunky is awesome and you can actually use it on your computer as well. to edit your pictures. My FAVORITE one at the moment though is Aviary. It has the coolest filters, and editing essentials. I'd say half of my instagram pics don't have ANY instagram filters, they are all from Aviary, haha.

I decided to show this last one, because if you're a girl, and your like me, (crazy about keeping up with your period..) you'll like this. I don't know why I do it, but every month I have to keep track of when my period started and when it finished, and what I felt and yeaa.. haha. AND as if it doesn't get any more awkward, now you all know I will menstruate in 3 days! haha :D 

As for the one above..one word: ADDICTED.

So I hope you all enjoyed! These are just SOME of the ones I use most often. 

If you know of a really cool app, please recommend it to me in the comments!!


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  1. hey girl! I loved your blog. I'm following it already. If you want, check out my blog. I think you will like it too.


  2. Candy crush is the best, love it so much. I always feel so sad when I run out of lives. I definitely want to try some of these photo editors too

    1. Hey Imogen!

      I know..i hate it when i run out of lives in Candy Crush too...its so frustrating!! haha

      and yess you should definitely try out the photo editors..they are awesome! :)


  3. Great post! I'm going to go and play candy crush right now because of this, there goes my productivity!


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