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02 October 2013

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone! :)

So cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is a must! Dirty brushes not only have the product that you used just sitting on the bristles and getting old, but it also collects oil from your skin, and that can be the cause of breakouts! Everyone has their own way of cleaning their brushes, and this is mine. It's very simple, all you will need will be:

1.the brushes
2.warm water
4.Your hand
5. Olive oil (optional)

Some people like putting the warm water inside a cup, I prefer just cleaning everything in the sink.

Put a little bit of soap in your hand. It's up to you what kind of soap you use, just remember that if you have sensitive skin (like me) it's best to use baby soap or baby shampoo because it doesn't have any harsh ingredients. Most people actually just use dish soap, which is perfectly fine.

Wet the brushes one by one in the warm water and then clean it in a circular motion on the hand that has the soap (obviously).

The Olive oil is optional, but if you want to use it, it conditions the hairs on the brushes after you washed it. If you do use it, mix a little bit of the oil with the soap your using and clean away. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly.

To dry the brushes, I put them side by side on top of a clean towel. The proper way to do it would be to put them hanging, bristles facing downward, so that the water doesn't unglue the hairs that are being held together.

If putting makeup on is part of your everyday routine, make sure cleaning them becomes part of your routine as well. Your skin will thank you! :)

Hope you all enjoyed!


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