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08 October 2013

My Skin Care Routine

Hey Everyone!

So today I bring you my skin care routine! 

Being that every skin is different, keep in mind that what works great for me, does not mean it might work for you.

So let me just give you a little background history on my skin. Throughout middle/high school, I've never really had acne. Maybe just a pimple here and there, but nothing really major. It wasn't until I hit my 20's that my face went completely crazy on me. Honestly, what once was a little pimple, became a face full of zits and redness. I NEVER thought in a million years I would have so much acne on my face.

I would always watch those acne commercials, where people are extremely happy that the product that's being advertised cured their acne, and because of it, they are a different person. To me, acne was just a little pimple. But no. Acne does change your life (to the worst). Without getting to into the sentimental aspect of it, I want to show you what I've been using on my face.

Remember that the first step is to understand what type of skin you have. Me for instance, I have VERY sensitive skin. I can't just go and put whatever i please on my face. I have to be really careful of what I use. Because of that, I try to buy products that don't have harsh ingredients.

As you can see, the cleanser that I'm currently using is the Neutrogena ULTRA GENTLE daily cleanser. This seems to be the only face soap that doesn't irritate my skin, or cause more breakouts. I wash my face with this in the morning, and at night before bed.

There is the Neutrogena moisturizer, but I actually like this Cetaphill one better. It's for all skin types, and there is no smell to it. (Also does not irritate my skin)

Another thing you should know, is that Benzoyl Peroxide is great for acne. It kills bacteria instantly. Both above work great, I'm currently using the orange one, Terminator 10, where you can buy at any drugstore. The Clear Zit, my esthetician got for me, but I'm sure you can find it online somewhere. Keep in mind that Benzoyl Peroxide will make your face VERY dry, and it will start pealing off at one point as if you got sun-burnt. This was a MAJOR factor in getting my skin better though. I put a lot of this at night before I go to bed, and in the morning I wash it off. As I mentioned, my face got super dry, but I noticed my zits going away really fast.

I cant thankfully say my skin is not nearly as bad as it was before. I still get the random zits here and there, especially when I'm getting my period, but I can comfortably walk out the house with no makeup on.

If you have any questions about any of these products, or acne, leave it on the comments and I'll try to answer as best as I can. :)


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  1. You should definitely try acutane. I had very bad skin as a teen and as soon as I started acutane it was like a miracle and every single spot went. I get one in a blue moon now but after using every product, home remedies, and seeing the doctor notbingn worked except this. I got the generic version because each box is like $600 per month, but generic was around $200 per month with no insurance. It's a true miracle for me

    1. I thought about it, but my esthetician said that my acne wasn't severe enough to use something so strong like Acutane. But I have seen videos on youtube of people who tried it, and it really does work!! :))

  2. Eu to + ou - por ai, tive muuita acne qnd mais nova, ai as lindas maravilhosas sumiram, e resolveram voltar agora que tenho praticamente 20 anos, não aguento mais, vou ver se encontro esses produtos tbm.

    1. Esses produtos foi o que funcionarao pra mim Ingride. Ve se vc acha eles, e ve se eles funcionao pra voce tambem. Aquela pumada com Benzoyl Peroxide e muito boa tambem! :)



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