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12 October 2013

Prep your house for Fall/Winter!

Hey everyone!

So many of the great perks of having different seasons is that you can not only style your wardrobe, but your house as well.

Here I'm gonna show you different ways you can transform the environment you live in, going from airy and light, to cozy and warm for Fall and Winter. :)

Style your living room, and/or accent chairs with nice warm throws. This will give your house a warm look and feel on those cold nights.

I LOVE candles! I'm always buying them to match with whatever season we are in. Perfect scents for Fall/Winter are Pumpkin, or Cinnamon. "Leaves" from Bath & Body Works is a great scent as well!

Decorate your bedroom with cute and cozy comforters, after all, you want to have a good night sleep without freezing to death! lol

For more on home decor, visit a couple of these stores:

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